Alyx Steadman Therapy

Meet Alyx


Queer, white, cisgender male (he/him)


Where are you from?

Hamilton, Montana

Lived in Seattle since 2017



Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) from New York University

Minor in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies

Masters of Social Work (MSW) from University of Washington

Associate License Clinical Social Worker (LSWAIC) 

Credential: SC61082906


Clinical Experience

Over 8 years of social work experience, including hospitals, homeless youth shelters, schools, sexual health education, HIV public health agency, crisis program for youth and families, and community mental health.


Why are you a therapist?

Because I know firsthand and believe in the healing power of relationships. Through my clinical experience and own personal therapy, I have witnessed the power of being seen and understood by self and others. I would never ask my clients to do something I haven't done before or continue to strive for (as nobody is perfect). I bring an intimate and deep respect for the brave vulnerability healing requires.