Alyx Steadman Therapy


50 minute session - $160

(Individual or couple)


Limited sliding scale slots



Why don't you take insurance?

There are several reasons why therapists may choose not to accept insurance. One reason is that insurance companies often have strict requirements and limitations on the types of treatments and number of sessions they will cover, which can limit the therapist's ability to provide comprehensive care. Additionally, insurance companies require therapists to diagnose clients with a mental health disorder in order to receive reimbursement, which can stigmatize the client and negatively impact their future insurance coverage. Furthermore, the reimbursement rates for therapy services are often low, which can make it difficult for therapists to maintain a sustainable practice.


Luckily, I have had a lot of luck and experience utilizing clients "out-of-network" insurance benefits. In short, the client pays the full cost of the session upfront and then submits SuperBills for partial reimbursement. Depending on your plan, I've seen clients get reimbursed up to 50%. Contact your insurance company for more details. 


In an effort to make therapy more accessible, I am dedicated to offering sliding scale spots to clients in financial need. Please inqure about their availability if you believe you could benefit from the reduced rate.